rpcRmApiFree_GSP: GspRmFree failed error


We are trying to enable GTX1650 on our aarch64 platform, driver installation(I use the open-source kernel module R515) is successful,
nvidia-smi info:
I also tested Cuda samples, most of them are passed.

But there are still some errors(not sure if this impact system):
[ 2954.435546] NVRM _issueRpcAndWait: rpcRecvPoll timedout for fn 10!
[ 2954.435549] NVRM nvAssertFailedNoLog: Assertion failed: 0 @ rpc.c:200
[ 2954.435554] NVRM rpcRmApiFree_GSP: GspRmFree failed: hClient=0xc1e00054; hObject=0x00000005; paramsStatus=0x00000000; status=0x00000065
[ 2954.435556] NVRM nvAssertFailedNoLog: Assertion failed: status == NV_OK @ rs_client.c:805
[ 2954.435566] NVRM nvAssertFailedNoLog: Assertion failed: status == NV_OK @ rs_server.c:155
[ 2954.435569] NVRM nvAssertFailedNoLog: Assertion failed: status == NV_OK @ rs_server.c:995
[ 2954.435588] NVRM _threadNodeCheckTimeout: _threadNodeCheckTimeout: currentTime: 3d0b69f937b800 >= 3d0b69f937b800
[ 2954.435590] NVRM _threadNodeCheckTimeout: _threadNodeCheckTimeout: Timeout was set to: 4000 msecs!
[ 2954.435594] NVRM: Xid (PCI:0002:01:00): 119, pid=‘’, name=, Timeout waiting for RPC from GSP! Expected function FREE (0x0 0x0).

It seems that the error log is from rpcRmApiFree_GSP. GSP(GPU system processor)
I got the info that GSP could be disabled by setting the kernel module parameter NVreg_EnableGpuFirmware=0.
However, GSP is still not disabled, GSP Firmware Version is not N/A.
$ nvidia-smi -q

GSP Firmware Version : 515.43.04

My question:
Does this log matter?
How could I disable it?


The OS kernel modules rely on the GSP firmware, so it can’t be disabled. This only applies to the proprietary modules.

Thanks for the reply!
What do you mean proprietary modules? Does it mean that only use proprietary modules the GSP could adequately work? using open-source modules can not.

Does this failed log impact GPU functions, like rendering and CUDA etc? if I use open gpu kernel modules
rpcRmApiFree_GSP: GspRmFree failed