Rpi v2 CSI camera freezes with Jetson Nano 2GB

Hi Dusty, thanks for getting back to me. That hasn’t helped.
I have repeated the whole setup with the faster 128g SD card as suggested by @juliefaurelacroix.
My swap is 12G and I’m assigning 1G to the docker.
Again it runs fine until the training.
It seems to me that the 2G nano is borderline capable of running this code if it is necessary to scrimp on memory and use a much larger swapfile than standard.
Have you succesfully run it on the 2G with the CSI camera?
It’s fairly obvious that if memory is the issue a 4G would help.
I’m also working thru Paul McWhorters tutorials so will report back if I encounter any issues there.
I’m convinced the hardware is working correctly so am baffled.

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I run it on Nano 2GB with the CSI camera, but it seems unreliable for some others. Although others have gotten it working with the tweaks above. It is specific to those notebooks and using the CSI camera as opposed to USB camera. With USB camera (for example Logitech C270 or C920) there aren’t reports of issue.

Also, have you previously disabled ZRAM with sudo systemctl disable nvzramconfig and rebooting?

I’ll try that as well as some other advice you gave in other threads and get back to you.
I may also get a 4G as the extra must help.

After tried everything, solved my problem :)

Thanks all. Save my day haha
disable zram
–memory=500M --memory-swap=8G for running docker

I am also using the v2 Pi Camera with the Jetson Nano 2 GB. I tried the changes that you outlined but still have camera freezing during training. I have to increase the swap to 12 GB to stop the camera from freezing. BTW, I have JetPack 4.5 using tag r32.5.0. Don’t know if that is what required more swap space.
You provided very good instructions. Change I made was to repeat the steps in the tutorial and added the following commands:
sudo fallocate -l 4G /mnt/another4GB.swap
sudo chmod 600 /mnt/another4GB.swap
sudo mkswap /mnt/another4GB.swap
And then, added the following to the end of the /etc/fstab file with vim per your instructions:
/mnt/another4GB.swap swap swap defaults 0 0

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