sample code for "Building CUDA Photoshop Filters for the GPU"


Back in 2008 there was a brochure issued by James Fung and Tim Murray, “Building CUDA Photoshop Filters for the GPU”, the PDF is still on nvidia, but the sample code is nowhere to be found. I even tried contacting the authors, both don’t seem to be working for NVIDIA anymore and have no access to the sample code. Google ain’t my friend, as it increasingly happens to be when looking for some rare information.

So if anyone is aware about the whereabouts of said sample code, or has it in personal archives by happenstance, please shed some light on the topic.

Thank you.

No, I didn’t. Seems like it’s totally lost.

One vendor of open-source photoshop plugins I’m aware of is Telegraphics. But I guess theirs are just plain old cpu-based filters. I think it’s better to master both technologies separately - CUDA and photoshop plugin authoring, after all making a photoshop filter boils down to passing a pointer to an appropriate stucture to photoshop, regardless of the way you obtain that data. That is, after you’ve managed to grovel your way through horrible adobe “documentation”…)

Did you find it?