Secure Boot options on AGX Orin Dev Kit

Hello Team,

We are currently using the AGX Orin development kit and are inquiring about the default state of Secure Boot. We’ve encountered difficulty in changing the Secure Boot state in the BIOS settings. Could you please provide guidance on enabling and disabling Secure Boot, if applicable?


hello Parashuram.Biradar,

may I have more details about your request of… enabling and disabling Secure Boot?

the concept of Secureboot is to prevent execution of unauthorized code during boot process through chain-of-trust; those authenticates boot components (such as, Boot Configuration Table, bootloader binaries, and warmboot vector) were signed using private key.
once a fuse bit is set to 1, you cannot change its value back to 0. For example, a fuse value of 1 (0x01) can be changed to 3 (0x03) or 5 (0x05), but not to 4 (0x4) because bit 0 is already programmed to 1.

please see-also developer guide, Secure Boot for mode details.