Selecting CUDA-enabled hardware

I have recently been buying a number of CUDA-enabled cards, but have found it somewhat difficult to to determine what specific products to obtain.

I suggest that NVIDIA should consider offering a “wizard” (of some sort) which would allow prospective CUDA buyers to get advice as to what the best card(s) to buy might be. Examples: 1) I need MANY cores, but their individual speed is not that critical. 2) I need fewer cores, but their SPEED is critical. 3) I have a specific application in mind (e.g. video, physics, audio, etc.)

Why not offer a simple web form which would allow this?

And why do you not have your licensees put “CUDA-enabled”, number of cores, speeds, etc. on their boxes?

Norman Mainer
1.425.698.7171 (USA; PT; GMT-07:00)