Send custom dict to kafka using deepstream msgbroker

I want to send custom msg to kafka using deepstream test4, for example just a dict with img path
msg_data = {“image_path”:“./test.jpg”}

I’ve check the python sample test but I found you’re using specific msg format,
I just want only to use the simple mentioned payload ? how can I do this ?

You can try to use the generate_event_msg_meta function to binding your own meta. Also you can refer the link below first:

Could you give me a full example for casting the data and sending the msg ?,
I dnt know if I should generate cpp lib function ? or it could just send easily by casting the dict variable I have to another payload type or schema ?

or which payload-type integer number I could use to work with custom/ minimal schema
because I’ve tried most of them and it still sending the same full schema

You can use the low level library API to custom your own message. Since these code is open source, you can custom the source code nvmsgconv.cpp in your way.

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