Series 550 freezes laptop

As I mentioned in my comment above.
I have a lot of kdump files showing kernfs_node->iattr->xattrs->rb_root->rb_node being corrupted.
If you need the relevant files to analyze, I can provide them.
For my system, the system crashes under completely random conditions.
I still haven’t found the conditions to reproduce the above problems reliably.


Today I updated to version 550.78 and my laptop froze on first boot.
I’m going back to 535.


Hi all,
Until yesterday I was facing the same problem discussed in this topic on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS. Here is how I solved it:

  1. when the system freezes, do a hard reboot;
  2. once the computer restarts, gain access to the system’s recovery mode;
  3. you will now be prompted with a set of possible choices. During this process you will need to check for package updates, so you have to enable the networking service;
  4. select the dpkg option. You will need to reconfigure the system’s packages since some of them might be broken;
  5. now gain access to the system’s root shell and check for updates by typing sudo apt update. In my case, I had to update the package distro-info-data;
  6. after that, my system still decided not to boot and instead show me a black screen. Therefore, I decided to update the graphics card driver by installing the latest one available for my card. Since this driver cannot yet be downloaded from the standard Ubuntu repositories, I added the following PPA: Then, I ran sudo apt update again to pull the latest list of packages for my system;
  7. install the driver by running the command sudo apt install nvidia-graphics-drivers-{driver-version}, as suggested by the names of the packages in the PPA I linked above;
  8. reboot the system.

Now my computer is running completely fine without those annoying freezes.

Nvidia cannot fix the critical bug with system damage for more than two months


Terrible support. :(


I’m somewhat disappointed, too. Even I resolved the issues with workarounds for me as written above, the current 550.xx drivers are still unstable. I provided lots of logs/information, however I feel like being a minor priority, as I’m not running a datacenter and also using linux…


The 555 beta driver is 9 days away, lets hope for the best.


I have been running the last 545 driver with the lts kernel to circumvent the 550, but with todays update of the lts, this option was gone and I had to update to 550. I am only mildly affected with randomly occuring kernel panics upon reboot or shutdown. Still, by now, there is no escaping no more on a rolling release, except a downgrade.


be careful when you are running sudo pacman -Suuyy it is likely to brick your system sooner rather than later. Or mess up your packages at the least.

This just bricked my ArchLinux system again. 3 times in 2 months.

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Just use the newest 535 driver till its fixed.

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535.171.04 supports kernel 6.8

Another week without news. The only thing we know is that they cannot reproduce the error. So I don’t even expect it to be fixed for version 555.

In the end we will have to try nvidia-open but I don’t know if we will lose features.

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Ah thanks for the hint, did not know that the 535 was working. I have downgraded, better safe than sorry.

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In my case driver 535.171.04 does not work properly in kde6 with external monitor via nvidia hdmi port on wayland session.
When external monitor plugged and graphical windows are in this monitor after some time kwin_wayland procces restarts with “many open files” error, because kwin_wayland generates many files in sync_file state (aroand several hundred thousand).

So for me:

  • driver 535 does not work because of has bug with many open files on kde and wayland with second monitor;
  • driver 545 has not support kernel 6.8
  • driver 550 has very very serious bug with kernel panic and system damage

I am testing nvidia-open 550 now

In Arch “world” you can use the 545 version with a LTS kernel (I’m with a Xanmod) or over a 6.7 one (Zen in my case, that you can hold). I don’t have any freezes with these options.

Use X11 till 555/560 driver release.

X11 has problems with dual monitors, high resolution and scaling

nvidia + wayland has problems with dual monitors as well + many other problems that x11 doesnt have. Dont use it till the driver supports explicit sync.