Setting camera frame rate


We are using AR0231-RCCB camera on PX2. We would like to control the camera actual frame rate. We have tried to change the parameters string “serialize-framerate=” to our target frame rate (for example 20) but it is not changing the actual camera frame rate.

Is there a proper API to accomplish that?


Dear ido.goren,

Could you please refer to DriveWorks API doc? Thanks.
Please see dwCameraFrameHandle_t /usr/local/driverworks-0.6/doc/nvdwx_html/group__camera__group.html in DrivePX2.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately I cannot see how it help my cause.
‘dwCameraFrameHandle_t’ provides me with a read handler to the last camera capture. I can see how to use this handle to change camera settings (nor does it make much sense).

We can see that there is an API that gets the camera properties (including the frame rate), but cannot find an API to set that value.

We are looking for an API to set/config and camera to capture at a certain frame rate.