Setting target state for 6-DOF (floating) joint


I’ve been trying to setup a manipulation environment, similar to the example, where instead of pressing the body along 1-axis (prismatic, 1-DOF), I want my end-effector to be able to move along 6-DOFs, so that it can experiment with different interaction strategies (parameterized by position & orientation), before converging to the optimal one.

I’ve been trying to setup this simulation by modifying the example, to have the “rail” be a floating type joint. However I cannot find an example of how to work with such a joint in Isaac, and I am not sure on how to set a pose target for such a joint, similar to how one sets a position target for a 1-DOF prismatic joint.

I would really appreciate some directions on how to use the Preview 3 Gym API to achieve the above. I would also be glad to hear a suggestion of an alternative end-effector design to achieve the aforementioned 6-DOF behaviour.

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Did you figure out how to do this? I am stuck on a similar issue

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