Shader problem in Nexus 7 and Moto Xoom

Hi all,

I am having some problems with the shaders on these devices. I know they do not support high precision floats in fragment shaders and maybe the problem is related to this because it is the main difference between devices: this shader is working properly in other devices supporting highp.

The fragment shader is quite simple. I am attaching an image with the different results for explaining my problem perfectly. The point is that when I multiply the result of the light with the colour texture, the result is totally broken. But if I output each one by separate the result seems nice for both.

Here is the attached image with all the results:

And here the attached code with vertex and fragment shaders:

As you can see, the highp word is overridden with mediump in the fragment shader just because high precision is not supported.

Any idea about this problem would be quite helpful.


This has been solved by now. Thanks anyway.