Shield image download links dead

Hi, I’ve been trying to download some developer images for my old Shield Pro but all of the links appear to be broken. I can find the list of images here:

But all of the links there just 404. Are these images still available anywhere?


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I am searching for the owner of the Shied downloads page to assist here.

Thanks for your patience,

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Hi @hunter_kaller

Please try this link: Gameworks Download Center | NVIDIA Developer
Scroll down to the Shield images. Let me know if you have any issues.


Ah, it looks like some of the links there work, it’s just the ones I tried that didn’t (mostly the 7.2.* series; I’m trying to debug a problem with my program that broke on Android 9.0+). It looks like the 7.1* series is working, though, along with some of the newer ones, so that should get me fixed up.


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