Simple: cudaprof - where to set number of runs?

Simple question, an answer to which I somehow failed to find in google or the manual or by try-and-error approach. Probably I missed it somehow or used wrong words in the search…
Where in cuda profiler can I set the number of runs of my program I am profiling?

By default it runs it 5 times, however lots of data is dropped while combining the results and what I get is useless.
I would like to set it to 1 and get full data without any drops.

Or maybe there is another way to get around the problem of data being dropped when combining?

The short answer is, you can’t. To get full statistics requires multiple runs (I am hypothesising the reason for this is the profiling interface has limited storage and can’t carry everything in a single run). If you want a single run, you are going to have to reduce the number of profiling parameters you choose to collect in a single run.

I must say I haven’t had much trouble with data loss across multiple runs, although my profiling runs tend to be rather long

Ah… I didn’t know there is a correlation between number of runs and the statistics I want to count.
Once you pointed it out to me I reduced the counters to which I really need and I everything works fine. Thank you!