Skin Mesh Fitting - Can't See Correspondence Dots on Face Meshes

I have my imported face mesh, and I’ve completed the character setup. He is facing the correct direction.

When I got to the Skin Mesh Fitting and select “Add More” to add correspondence. I click on the face for my mesh and the open mouth face mesh, and the dots don’t appear showing the correspondence. The Correspondence visibility and Numbers visibility are checked. When I look around the scene, I can see the correspondence dots well below the faces, and they are stacked on top of each other. But the positions indicated on the Skin Mesh Fitting window don’t appear to be the same location when I add multiple points. I am very confused. Has anyone run into this, or know how to fix this?

Thank You!

@digitaldesignerai did you happen to open the camera option (from inside the viewport) and hover over any of the other cameras? because that was the case when i reported it some time ago:

were you able to place them on the faces at all before they all reset to the world origin?

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AHHHH! lol I did go through the camera and hover over everything and even changed it at one point I think, because I was trying to find the setting to get Camera Lighting. That’s a crazy bug lmao. I’ll rebuild the project since I’m not that far in yet, and confirm whether or not that fixed it.

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about the camera lighting, were you able to find what you were looking for?

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I love you. Thank you so much lmao. That fixed it XD

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