Some people's postings are showing up as all empty lines on IE9.

I am using Windows 7 x6 Ultimate Edition and Internet Explorer 9.

(As far as I know I cannot update the browser because it would require a special windows update patch which would create problems ?!).

When using Internet Explorer 9, some people’s postings appear as all empty lines.

At first I thought it was maybe some kind of spam attack or something because of pissed off GTX 970 people or something. But these people seem genuine and thus unlikely to be some spam attack. Maybe a browser attack lol.

Anyway I just checked with Tor/FireFox browser and there I can see their postings.

So I wonder if NVIDIA/FORUM admins/developers are aware of this problem ?

It would be nice if somehow this forum was fixed so it can work well on IE9 as well ?!?

(Please test forum with IE9 and try to read some threads like “RAMGATE” you should be able to see certain postings completely empty with this browser version ??!?? or perhaps one of my browser settings is causing this ???)

Fortunately today I installed Internet Explorer 11 successfully.

First I updated Windows 7 with latest patches from 12 march 2015 or so… and then I downloaded 56 MB of full IE11 instead of net installer… and somehow it now successfully installed thank god… then I did some more windows updating to get the latest IE 11 updates…

So at least for now the trouble with this forum and IE9 is over for me…

Good thing too since Mozilla Firefox saved me… cause IE9 went into a repeatedly crash loop that just would not stop… starting iexplore with -nohome and something else -noffx or something caused the crashing to stop… but still needed firefox to download IE11 yup… Firefox saved me ! =D

Good to have 2 functioning browsers.

Weird thing is though… since these 28 February and 12 march 2015 updates Company of Heroes Tales of Valor will not start anymore and crashes… will have to look into that…

OHOH— Windows Live Mail crashes too… big shit… I have seen this bug before… I think it’s related with a patch needed to install IE11… OH SHIT… this could get very very very nasty for me ! Fokking Microsoft !

I can confirm that this update is indeed very evil:

KB 2670838 - The EVIL UPDATE

I am not 100% sure cause I also removed some other patches… but I can remember this number 2670838… it rings a bell with me.

After I de-installed this patch windows live mail is working again.

Company of Heroes is also working again.

The worst part is I could probably not find my own usenet messages describing this evil patch.

This patched wasted much of my time today… fortunately everything is back to normal gain to some degree. IE9 was deinstalled as well, it’s a piece of crap anyway… will have to use firefox from now on… I did notice IE9 might have faster video but still… funny thing is IE8 not back…

This evil patch is probably needed for IE11 and such.

Anyway I AM SO FED up with this patch, this patch has caused so much trouble… and I don’t even know what this patch does.

THE FIRST THING I AM GOING TO DO RIGHT NOW… IS SPAM THIS PATCH WARNING ALL ACROSS USENET… so that it will be visible for me and give me an explanation/reminder… that this patch is probably what caused my mail archive to become inaccessble.

I cannot believe that microsoft has not solve this problem… it’s huge.

Intel might be behind this evil patch… if true I will not buy a CHIP from them.