Specifications of PX2 GPU

What are the specifications of the GPU found in the PX2 platform, in terms of:

  • Number of cores
  • Clock speed
  • Amount of GPU memory
  • GPU memory speed

Alternatively, is there a data-sheet where this information can be found?

Thank you!

Hello fnvcc,

Could you please check DrivePX2 GPU information with ./deviceQuery command in /NVIDIA_CUDA-8.0_Samples/1_Utilities/deviceQuery folder on DrivePX2? Thanks.

GPU Max Clock rate:                            2581 MHz (2.58 GHz) 
Memory Clock rate:                             13 Mhz

From ‘deviceQuery’, is it correct on ‘13 Mhz’?

Hello Rock11,

We will update the number following an upcoming release of the PDK. Thanks.