Starfield does not launch on most NVIDIA GPUs on Linux, and not at all on Pascal GPUs

Well new branches are usualy around 6 - 8 months apart if you look at the past driver releases.

Sometime in the next few months. (could even be this month)
Last Linux New Feature Branch (NFB) was 530.41.03 on March 23, 2023.
And the normal driver update seems a bit late for release.

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The latest release is 535.104.5 in production branch and normally releases are every 3 weeks there. So you have to be fair here, its a huge fix for a lot of systems and they have to see it all working.

Version: 535.113.01
Release Date: 2023.9.21

is this the fix?

It doesn’t look like it

Sad… We’ll wait a while it seems.

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Seems new drivers 535.113.01 (x86_64) are online Current graphics driver releases

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Yes but no, this not have a fix for starfield.

Bummer… There are some new drivers in kernel 6.6 I was wanting to test, but it’s a hassle with 525 and 6.6 being mutually exclusive. Hopefully the new branch comes sooner than later.

That would have been very fast, I expect the driver some time next month.

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Are there any ETA or I’m forced to switch to AMD to play? Waiting weeks or month for a fix with no propper support for a AAA game by such a big company is weak. The driver 535.113.01 does not fix anything.


I’ve been an Nvidia loyalist for over a decade and I’ve decided that I am going to buy an AMD card next. Closed source linux drivers are clearly not a viable option. It’s been almost a month and the game is still unplayable.

The open source community could have fixed this in days.


Yeah, as soon as AMD does their next GPU drop, I’m going to buy the highest end one they offer. Nvidia, as a trillion dollar company, clearly doesn’t care about <1% of customers on linux.
Also you’re definitely right, the open source community would’ve fixed this so quickly. I’m pretty disappointed but very thankful for AMD right now, imagine if it was just intel and nvidia…

I’m pretty sure it would have been fixed in hours.
I mean , I always hear people saying nvidia has always contributed in the linux kernel … contributed for what ? replacing tabs with spaces in the source code ?
meanwhile we’re stuck with those amateurish school project drivers

It’s a shame. A giant company like Nvidia.

I had to create another partition here, just to install Windows. Just to play Starfield. Awful!

There’s no game in the world that will force me to install Windows. Shame on you.


I had to install Windows to play this game. Microsoft can now spy on me all they want. Thanks nvidia.

Linux support is still sub-par although linux is gaining traction in the gaming space. Nvidia GPUs are now twice as expensive as they were last time I upgraded, and yet the Linux driver is still shit. This is ridiculous. Next gpu will most definitely be from team red.

Sure would be nice if Nvidia provided a better than poor customer experience on linux by providing prompt and timely fixes and updates equal to or excelling that on Windows. Surely a company this size has enough budget to hire resources to get the job done, and not doing so reflects poorly on the business model.

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This is really bad.

And for those who “condemn” the fact that we, Linux users, install Windows just to play Starfield… Well, the computers are ours, and we do what we want with them.

I just can’t believe that a giant company like Nvidia is unable to fix issues like this. As others said, this is something that the own community would have fixed in a couple of days (or hours).


September 28th, 2023 - Windows 537.54, Linux 535.43.10

  • Fix driver crash with Starfield running under vkd3d related to VK_NV_device_generated_commands and VK_EXT_device_generated_commands_compute

If anyone wants to try there seems to be a fix with Vulkan dev driver.

Easy way to get it on Arch based distros.

Go with custom driver version, type 535.43.10


Can confirm this works – no longer crashing on the NVIDIA 535 drivers. However performance still leaves a lot to be desired. Getting ~25-35 FPS @1440p on a RTX 3090.

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