Starfield does not launch on most NVIDIA GPUs on Linux, and not at all on Pascal GPUs

How exactly would i get the work around to work on a 3060 max q (intel nvidia hybrid graphics)

Ive downgraded with nvidia-all and applied the vkd3d line no luck added the normal nvidial offloard enviro variables to launch options with no luck

what about the 30 series

30 series is ampere its past pascal and turing

Please nvidia, I want to play Starfield on linux not on windows 😔


While this probably won’t have an effect on the results, comma separatning VKD3D=no_upload_hvv,force_host_cached would be the way to use both as using “VKD3D_CONFIG=no_upload_hvv VKD3D_CONFIG=force_host_cached” will only pass the second option as it overwrites the first.

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Hey Nvidia,

Please, release an update. I also want to play Starfield on Linux!


You’re right, I will test it.

If I’m looking at that correctly, it looks like we are pretty due for a drive release. Any word on a time frame?


Tested latest GE-proton-15 with latest vkd3d -proton at GitHub - GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom: Compatibility tool for Steam Play based on Wine and additional components

with the following:
gamemoderun mangohud
VKD3D_SHADER_MODEL=6_6 %command%

And it crashed a few moments ago.
kernel 6.5.1

no such luck :/
Maybe GE-proton-15 fixes it for one of you guys, and only Pascal is a lost cause?
waiting on Nvidia release.

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My understanding is with pascal and lower, is more that it seems that the shader model spec is lower then 6.6.
So has nothing to do with VKD3D-proton or proton itself.

The main issue is with the NVIDIA driver itself as explained in

Functionality through VKD3D is Currently disabled and only running a “Software” implementation currently because it is broken on NVIDIAs driver end not the translation layer end which is why it is super bad and has low frames on most pc where you get it to work, because the load is currently entirely CPU based not GPU.

Untill the actual nvidia driver is fixed.

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any news on a driver fix ? looks like it’s a nasty bug , usually there’s a new driver release every three weeks

I mean, it’s not really news, but NVIDIA’s feelings toward Linux are pretty cold, thankfully with mutuality (google ‘linus torvalds nvidia’).

In the past, such fixes have come out between six months and a year.

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yeah … not gonna buy nvidia ever again …
Good thing valve went with AMD for their deck instead of this overpriced shitshow

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Sorry for replying late on the thread, wanted to share the update that team has root caused the issue and working on integrating the changes into next release branch drivers.


thanks Amrits.

Thanks for your feedback and your work

Great news!!! When we can expect the next branch?

Well new branches are usualy around 6 - 8 months apart if you look at the past driver releases.

Sometime in the next few months. (could even be this month)
Last Linux New Feature Branch (NFB) was 530.41.03 on March 23, 2023.
And the normal driver update seems a bit late for release.

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The latest release is 535.104.5 in production branch and normally releases are every 3 weeks there. So you have to be fair here, its a huge fix for a lot of systems and they have to see it all working.

Version: 535.113.01
Release Date: 2023.9.21

is this the fix?