Starting Livestream WebRTC Client on Audio2Face unsuccessful

Audio2Face Version: 2021.3.3

I have tried to start the Livestream WebRTC Client (v1.2.1) on Audio2Face but received the following errors.

[Error] [carb.livestream-rtc.plugin] Stream Server: starting the server failed, 0x800B0000
[Error] [carb.livestream-rtc.plugin] Could not initialize streaming components
[Error] [carb.livestream-rtc.plugin] Couldn’t initialize the capture device.

Do you have some pointers on what’s wrong here? Thank you!

Hi @user149936! Welcome to the Community! I have sent this over to the Audio2Face team. It would really help them if you could attach your full log from: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Audio2Face

Also, what is your Operating System, GPU, and GPU Driver?

Hi there,

Not OP, but I’m having the same issue. Logs attached.

I enabled the webrtc extension in the a2f app.
http://localhost:8011/streaming/webrtc-client shows a video player, but when clicking play it’s just a black screen.
I tried ports 8111,8211,8311 and none connected.

OS: Win11 Pro build 22000.556
GPU: RTX 5000
GPU Driver: 511.79

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

logs for failed (57.7 KB)