Switching from Jetbot(sparkfun) to jetracer(waveshare)

hi there,
i started my autonomous adventure by using the jetbot from sparkfun, now after being familiar to the basic programming and functions of the jetson nano and its capabilities i wanted to switch from the jetbot to the jetracer,
in the waveshare dokumentation it says i have to flash the sd card with a new image.
On the sdcard i am already using are not only the dokumentation for the jetbot but also many other usefull apps like vscode, and selfwriten code, is there a way for me to just download all the nessesary new data or a file/guide to follow with all the new jupyterdokumentation without flashing the sdcard and deleting all my current dokumentation?

it wouldnt be a problem if the jetbot jupyter dokumentation/folders would be deleted, i just care about all the other stuff like downloaded packages and clones from github.

thanks in advance.

-this is my first post so please excuse my missing knowlege of any sitewide manners/regulations.

Suggest to open your issue at GitHub - NVIDIA-AI-IOT/jetracer: An autonomous AI racecar using NVIDIA Jetson Nano to see if the author can give some suggestions.

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You’d better use an another SD card for JetRacer, WaveShare.
Because of different drivers.

And, if you have an A02 version Jetson Nano devkit, you should use JetPack 4.5 or later based JetRacer image. If not, you probably meet a HDMI issue.

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followed your adivce, i have the B02 version, after researching for quite a while i found an image from waveshare which fits my spezifications.



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