System Profiler (L4T) VS "Nsight Systems"

I’m trying to find the system profiler as presented here:

All i can find in the SDK manager is “Nsight Systems” which has eerily similar functionality yet not quite everything presented in the “System Profiler” intros.

What is what here? Is it just re-naming and then removal of some features?


NV system profiler is integrated into the Nsight from last year.
May I know which missing feature are you looking for?


It might well be in there given the correct handling but:

-> I’m missing the functional table view
-> I cannot see any speficic CUDA kernel information (just “run” blocks)
-> I cannot get any CPU functional level information

I’m basically getting a pretty timeline with about as much information as regular “top” would give me.


The interface is changed so sorry that you will need to get familiar with it again.

Here is the Nsight system feature table:

Most of the NV system profiler’s features do support.