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Is there an ETA for the Tao Gui? Supposed to be released early 2022

Thanks for your post - I had the same question. I had even applied for the early access but never received an update. The GUI seemed to be a bit easier to use (dealing with multiple config files as you go through the whole pipeline etc) so eagerly awaiting early access at least.

Next TAO version will release soon.

TAO does not provide a GUI. It provides an API. See more in

Got it. So is there a GUI version coming in a later release?

There is a new feature related to GUI.
See Visualizing Training — TAO Toolkit 3.22.05 documentation

Ok - that’s TensorBoard. There was a session at GTC22 earlier this year where a demo was given of a GUI front end for the TAO Toolkit and was stated that availability would be from April 22 time frame. I think that’s what @KGerry was asking about (and me). Thank you.

You’re right @IainA . I also registered for the EA version, but never got a reply. Tensorboard is nice, but not what we expected and hoped for after seeing the demo vids

@KGerry - Update - I just asked the same question at the Orin webcast today and the answer I got was that GTC in September that there would be some announcements regarding “TAO Studio”.

As far as I known, GUI front end of TAO is not addressed yet.

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