Task Manager GPU usage disabled: Windows Server 2019, Tesla V100

I’ve got 4 V100s in a Windows 2019 Server. I’d like to have a general idea of my gpu load, but the GPU and GPU Engine columns are greyed out in the Task Manager.

I ran dxdiag and see that the DirectX driver is listed as unknown, is this the reason?

I installed the driver 511.65-data-center-tesla-desktop-winserver-2016-2019-2022-dch-international.exe, but this didn’t make any difference to the Task Manager, nor what is reported in dxdiag.

I’m not sure what to try next. (I know the gpus are working per a libtorch program.)

Is there some other way to monitor the gpus? On my laptop, which has a GeoForce card, I can use the Performance Overlay Monitor, but there I haven’t found anything like that on my server.

Tesla V100s are not display capable GPUs. They don’t present themselves to the system as a DirectX device, and so I don’t think windows is going to monitor them as such.

You can use nvidia-smi.exe to monitor GPUs. Please use a windows file find utility, such as the one available in Windows File Manager, to locate the install location of this utility on your system. The utility has command line help available (run with -h switch).

Also note that Tesla V100’s are designed to be installed in a server that was tested/qualified by the OEM of the server for support of that GPU. Any other usage could provide a miserable experience (e.g. overheating, etc.)

Thanks for your quick response! I searched c: for “nvidia-smi” and got three hits, but they are all files wo an extension, not an executable.

I’ve installed the nvidia driver, cuda, cudnn, nsight – is there something else I should have installed? (This is a server configured by Dell.)

when you installed that, it should have installed the nvidia-smi.exe utility.

here is a related article

Does installing the driver require a reboot? The installer didn’t mention that.

I don’t have the folder: C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI

But you can see that I installed the driver:

sorry, I don’t have a windows server machine to test on. The utility is installed by the driver installer. If that is not happening in your case, the only thing I can suggest is to file a bug.

Thanks, I submitted bug 3567626.

In the meantime, is there anywhere I can get nvidia-smi.exe directly?

I don’t know of any way to install it except via the driver installer. Typically the binary has to be binary-matched with libraries that are also installed by the driver installer.

You could try other driver installers, I guess. I don’t have a recipe for you.

Doh! My mistake, my windows file search was on “nvidia-smi”, which doesn’t find “nvidia-smi.exe”!

So we should probably close the bug report, then?


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