How to report a bug

To report bugs to Nvidia, you will need to first register with our developer program here. Doing this enables you to file and get feedback on bugs at the following link.

Please be prepared to provide the following details:

  • Summary
  • Relevant Area
  • Description
  • NVIDIA GPU or System
  • NVIDIA Software Version
  • OS
  • Other Details
Calling cuSparse library on Tesla A100 with CUDA11.1 is much slower than that on Tesla P100 with CUDA9.0
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Local memory layout and 32-bit words
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VPI Gaussian Blur Max Kernel Size Limitation?
Fault is of type FAULT_PDE ACCESS_TYPE_VIRT_READ kernel problem or driver issue?
CUDA sample bicubicTexture not working
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Consuming a populated JIT cache with read-only permissions
Different output of code when not unrolling loop
Cuda slow performance after process sleep/wait
Single cudaMemcpy across multiple allocations
cuBLAS GEMM INT8 is much slower than FP16 in T4
Issue with cooperative_groups::memcpy_async
cudaOccupancyMaxActiveBlocks returns the blocks by taking into acccount other co-running kernels?
Nppi resize doesn't work with 1x1px
Are there any branch non-divergence hints for the compiler?
What is the stream-ordered equivalent of cudaMallocPitch?
NPPI Label MakersUF Return Incorrect results in Cuda 11.4
cudaMemset in 11.4: what causes it to give cudaErrorInvalidValue?
cufftPlan creation deadly slow on CUDA 11+
Get function/global name from pointer using CUDA Driver API
nvmlDeviceGetMigDeviceHandleByIndex return wrong MIG devices when some MIG devices deleted
C++ 17 variadic template folding expressions in device methods
Calling NPP helper with large image gives kernel execution error
All CUDA-capable devices busy or unavailable
Suq.*.b32 other than suq.widht.b32 and suq.height.b32 causes cudaError 801/500
Reducing binary size while using accelerated libs
cudaArray, used size and layout
Question about getting libcuda debug symbols
Compute Capability support in desktop NVIDIA RTX A2000
cusolverDnSgetrf() fails on A100 (but not on A10) when called in a tight loop
__nanosleep not working as expected
Cannot peek at last error after a call to a dlsym()-ed function
Significant speedup of OpenCL vs CUDA
Speed difference between different driver versions
Task Manager GPU usage disabled: Windows Server 2019, Tesla V100
Feature Request: Host and Heap allocated memory transfers
NVJPEG issues and inconsistencies with transcoding
Very poor performance with NPP CrossCorrValid
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Cublas Bug
Constexpr Partial Function Specialization
Only static version of nvptxcompiler installed with CUDA 11.6 on Linux?
A100 Hardware NVJPEG Batch Decoding takes ~5ms before decoding and why
cuBLAS gemv incx != 0 restriction
A100 Hardware NVJPEG Batch Decoding takes ~5ms before decoding and why
cufftCreateAsync / cufftDestroyAsync
Register spilling
Newer Drivers fail when allocating Memory Chunks of 2MB + 1 byte on multiple devices
CUFFT_INTERNAL_ERROR during creation of a 1D Plan in CUFFT
Ampere 16x8x256 BMMA
Macros disabling half-precision functionality - how to use them?
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