Bug report page not working

I wanted to report what appears to be a code generation bug following How to report a bug. The bug report form linked there displays NVIDIA Developer Program Membership Required, while My Programs section shows that Developer membership is active. Should I report the bug here or through Contact Us form?

So you never got to the bug reporting form, but were already rejected at the log-in step? What exactly happened there? Any error messages displayed?

I have not filed a bug with NVIDIA in a number of years, but the bug reporting mechanism was flaky for as long as I can recall: a dozen years or so. In case there is an intermittent authentication issue (something I have seen before), you may simply want to wait a business day and try again.

As for the programmer developer program membership needed to get access to the bug database, I seem to vaguely recall that there was more than one developer program, and one needed to sign up specifically for the CUDA developer program. Of course, these things tend to be in flux and there may now be a NVIDIA-wide universal developer account.

There forums are primarily intended for user-to-user communication, and are not really designed as an official bug reporting channel. By historic observation, Robert Crovella will at times volunteer to take bugs reported here and enter them into the bug database, but there are no guarantees.

Note that NVIDIA’s bug database maintains confidentiality to guard bug filers’ sensitive information. Only the bug filer and relevant NVIDIA personnel have access to a bug report and can check its status. For this reason I highly recommend that CUDA programmers file bug reports themselves.

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The nvidia_bug/add page seems to recognize that I am logged in. To clarify what I can observe there, it looks the same as if opened while logged out, except buttons Join, Login, Join now are removed. From there I can go to profile pictogram/Account/My Programs to see that a/the Developer membership is active, or to Learn more/Member area which is inaccessible while logged out. Re-authentication works (but doesn’t fix nvidia_bug/add). First I’ve encountered this problem a bit more than 24 hours ago.

I contacted support, the issue is now resolved. Thanks for sharing details about the bug report system, njuffa.

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