Bug Report - Site Down?


I’ve been trying to submit a new bug for a few weeks now, but every time I try to submit it says “An error occurred while processing your request”. I’ve tried minimal reports and every variation I can think of…including trying different browsers. I also tried nvidia’s email address NVSDKIssues@nvidia.com but this gets rejected with error that the email their address could not be found.

Am I doing something wrong or are bugs no longer being accepted?


Using Chrome (Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)) on Windows 7, I just logged in to developer.nvidia.com and successfully submitted a test bug.

I populated the fields as follows:

Bug Summary: test bug
Relevant Area: ComputeWorks
Description: test bug 123XXXX123
NVIDIA GPU Or system: GTX1080
NVIDIA Software version: (left blank)
Operating system: check the linux checkbox
Operating system details: (left blank)

I then clicked submit and the system reported:

test bug OPEN
BUG ID 1938555 AREA Visual Profiler

Report by …
Updated Jun 5, 2017
Bug Summary
test bug

So, from my perspective, a minimal report appears to be working.

ok i figured it out - if you tick windows 10 it won’t accept it… :-)