Unable to submit bug reports on Registered Developer website


I am currently unable to submit any bugs to the CUDA registered developer program website, since the bug reporting form was updated in ~ April?

I have previously completed the contact form on the website but have had no response.

I am currently trying to submit a bug report regarding a cicc.exe access violation when compiling CUB 1.7 DeviceRadix::SortPairs with CUDA 8.0.61 on windows, however I am unable to succcessfully log a bug report.

Upon submitting the bug report form, I am met with a generic error message of “An error occurred while processing your request”.

I have attempted to use multiple web browsers but still am unable to submit my bug report.

The following image shows the contents of the form and the error message.


For further details on the bug itself, I have opened an issue: https://github.com/NVlabs/cub/issues/91

don’t check “windows 10” checkmark, their buggy frontend doesn’t allow it. you can report as win8 issue and write about win10 in the description text

Cheers BulatZinganshin, very helpful!