What happens when there's a bug in bug reporting?

I’ve just tried to report a bug. I’ve entered all relevant fields, but when I press the button to file the report, I get a message above the form saying:

An error occurred while processing your request.

What do I do?

There are at least a couple possibilities I am aware of.

  1. The bug reporting system has a fairly aggressive rogue content detector. Try entering a minimal bug and come back later and add details.

  2. The system may be experiencing instability, try waiting a day and trying again.

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95% of the time it is the first reason, and the error message is vague and generic on purpose. In my experience, trying to figure out what triggers the manipulation detection is an exercise in futility. At least I never figured out a pattern.

As a consequence, a long-standing (we are talking more than 10 years here) best practice is to first create a stub report with a comment that additional details will be added later. Once the bug report has been successfully created add the additional information in small chunks.