Searching the nVidia bug tracker on Linux

I’m a registered developer and have been trying to search nVidia’s bug tracker for a specific feature request. However, whatever query I enter into the search form I always get no results returned. Even using a blank query to get all the open (or closed) bugs returns no results.

I have tried using Konqueror, Firefox and Chromium (all on Linux) as well as Chrome on Android and all have the same behaviour. Is there a specific browser that is needed to get the bug tracker’s search functionality to work?

You need to change the “Division” dropdown to “GPU Computing” or your search will return 0 results. Note that currently, you can only find your own submitted bugs in the system. (at least is this is the behavior that I get)

If you’re register, you can go to , sign in anbd in the left menu bar,you 'll find an item “bug report”