Tegra TK1 Power Issue, Debug UART4 is'nt sending anything on serial

Hi there! i am using my own custom board, when i power_up my board i get all the powers except +1.2_GEN_AVDD, +VDDIO_SDMMC3, +1.8_RUN_VPP_FUSE, +1.6V_LP0, +VDD_GPU_AP.
I have checked my path and short circuits etc but everything seems ok. I am able to go in recvery mode and upon plugging in USB cable it shows “Nvidia Corp” in recovery mode.
Can someone help me finding out that why i am facing these power issues? However my all POR powers are OK.

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Hi, what is this your own custom board of TK1? Did you follow the design guide to make the board? Please follow DG and check your design based on reference schematic.

Yes I have followed the Design Guide. Sometimes my board works, but most of the time I face this issue. My other boards are designed on same pattern and they work perfectly.

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