TegraA does not start up, #190912OlympicKanazawa

Issue with Drive AGX Xavier unit

  • Tegra A does not start up (Tegra B is working)
  • Ran Tegra B camera sample (sample_camera_multiple_gmsl). There was a message that camera was acknowledged but the software does not operate appropriately. (no captureing)
  • The same procedure was conducted one month ago. The hardware was flashed at time. The software worked appropriately at that time. - The Drive AGX power supply and harness was used


Dear kazuto Hirose san,
Could you please ask the customer to check re-flashing the board and provide flashing logs if he has any flashing issues. Please ask them to refer Reporting Flashing Issues section in https://developer.nvidia.com/DRIVE/secure/docs/NVIDIA_DRIVE_AGX_Developer_Kit_Flashing_Technical_Bulletin.pdf


SivanaRama as you know we have the same problem. Will it be resolved by downgrading to Drive Software 8.0 both of xaviers ?