Tensorflow on TX2, Python 2.7, Jetpack 4.2

I just wanted to see if anyone has successfully built Tensorflow for Python 2.7 on Jetpack 4.2. I’m running into some problems with Tensorflow versions and Bazel.

Just a followup on my compilation process. Is there a libnccl2 available for ARM? Upon searching the download site, I only find a version for x86 and POWER. My compilation is stopping at this point as it needs libnccl.


NCCL doesn’t support Jetson platform.
Please remember to turn it off when compiling with the bazel.

$ bazel build --config=opt --local_resources 2048,3.0,1.0 --config=cuda <b>--config=nonccl</b> //tensorflow/tools/pip_package:build_pip_package

Suppose you can get some information from this topic:


For those interested, here is my Tensorflow 1.11 build for Python 2.7 on Jetpack 4.2: