TensorRT model consuming more amount of RAM

Hi Team,
We are using TensorRT .pb model on the Jetson TX2 platform, and the model size is 165MB. Once the model gets loaded, it consuming more amount of RAM ( RAM usage is increased around 1.5GB to 5.3GB, CPU usage is 20% and Maximum GPU usage is 39 %). Is it normal behavior? or we can optimize the RAM with some system configurations?. Kindly help us on this issue.

Below I am mentioning package versions which we used
Jetpack - 4.4
CUDA - 10.2
Tensorflow - 2.2.0
Libcudnn - 8.0
Linux ubuntu - 18.04
TensorRT - 7.1.3

Hi @vignesh.nanjundan,
Jetson team should be able to help you better here, hence moving this to Jetson Team.


You can limit the TensorRT memory usage by setting workspace variable.
Please check this comment for more information: