TensorRT Python example code for reference | no directory for Python as per documentation

We are trying to check the TensorRT python example as per the documentation https://docs.nvidia.com/deeplearning/sdk/tensorrt-sample-support-guide/index.html#uff_custom_plugin.

As per the documentation, the sample will be installed in the “/usr/src/tensorrt/samples/python/uff_custom_plugin” directory.

But We do not have the ‘python’ directory in the ‘/usr/src/tensorrt/samples/’, for Drive PX2, with Driveworks_1_2 (Tegra B re-flashed Today) .

Can you share some examples of the TensorRT with Python and tensorflow object detection, for reference.


The document you checked is for TensorRT 5.1(latest) but PX2 is still using TensorRT4.1.
Python sample is not available on the PX2 yet.
The Python support for Tegra starts from version 5.0.


can you share an example for python +tensorRT
When will PX2 get TensorRT 5.x version?

Dear RatheeshR,
There is no more releases targeted on Drive PX2. Just to clarify, python support from TRT 5.x available on only Jetson platform.So The workflow in your case would be like below.

As there are no releases planned on Drive PX2, please consider upgrade to Drive AGX platform to get new features on TRT and DW.