Tesla K80 vs GTX 980ti

Dear all

Working in Molecular dynamics simulations with Gromacs.Looking for suitable cards

I need your suggestion in the following options

  1. Tesla K80 single Card
    2.3 x GeForce GTX 980Ti card connect with SLI Bridge

Which option I should select for FAST results with more benefit

Note that the SLI bridge is a low-bandwidth interface and only needed for graphics, not when using the GPU as a computational accelerator.

Have you asked for hardware recommendations on the Gromacs mailing list (http://www.gromacs.org/Support/Mailing_Lists/GMX-Users_List)?

Indeed, the SLI bridge doesn’t matter.

@NikhilMaroli: have you tried to google around (http://bfy.tw/6VpM ;)?

In short: Get GeForce. The GROMACS kernels will run around 1.5x faster on a 980Ti than on a K80 chip (half the card) and the transfers will be much more efficient too – you’ll use 16 lanes per GPU rather than per dual-chip board.

I’ll follo up with more on the gmx-users list if there’s interest.

PS: unless you have some insanely good price on the 980Ti, I’d go with the 1070s. Those will beat the 980Ti-s and consume far less power.