Testing Nvidia Graphics Cards Using NVIDIA Virtual Machine Service


I think, It would be very useful for all NVIDIA Developing Community and also for not Developing Community to have a NVIDIA Virtual Machine Service where we can test an Application with all the Graphics Cards or at least a big subset of the GPUs that NVIDIA offers. I would like that I could test that App at least with Windows 10 (or future Windows OS version) and also the most important OS.

I think this would improve all the NVIDIA developer community testing system and customers could receive a very accurate list of all the NVIDIA GPUs that are working with a release version of an App.( There are more interesting ideas in using NVIDIA virtual machines, as for anyone who doesn’t want to buy a new machine and wants to do something with the NVIDIA GPU for a little while or doesn’t want to worry about the machine itself. )

I know that this service does not exist because I asked to NVIDIA agent earlier.

I know that Amazon, Microsoft and Google offer some VMs compatible with NVIDIA GPUS, but that is not enough to test a big set.


Hi lbdalmendray1,

Appreciate the suggestion. Do you have a specific area of interest for applications that you want to test - i.e. computing (CUDA), Deep learning, Professional Visualization, video gaming etc.

NVIDIA provides a number of developer programs for our developers. You can read more about them here: NVIDIA Developer Program | NVIDIA Developer

In terms of testing NVIDIA GPUs online then there is a number of CSPs that provide access to GPUs - GPU Cloud Computing Solutions from NVIDIA

For our customers looking to test vGPU we do provide an online test drive facility - NVIDIA & VMware Free Test Drive | NVIDIA

For customers looking to test AI solutions, we launched AI launchpad - LaunchPad: The End-to-End AI Platform | NVIDIA

For everyone, we continue to try and make the cost of entry to develop on NVIDIA GPUs as low as possible. You can develop a CUDA application, run AI frameworks, etc on consumer gaming hardware or Jetson SOCs.

Thank you and other developers who read this post for developing your applications using NVIDIA hardware and SDKs.