Testing Nvidia Graphics Cards Using NVIDIA Virtual Machine Service


I think, It would be very useful for all NVIDIA Developing Community and also for not Developing Community to have a NVIDIA Virtual Machine Service where we can test an Application with all the Graphics Cards or at least a big subset of the GPUs that NVIDIA offers. I would like that I could test that App at least with Windows 10 (or future Windows OS version) and also the most important OS.

I think this would improve all the NVIDIA developer community testing system and customers could receive a very accurate list of all the NVIDIA GPUs that are working with a release version of an App.( There are more interesting ideas in using NVIDIA virtual machines, as for anyone who doesn’t want to buy a new machine and wants to do something with the NVIDIA GPU for a little while or doesn’t want to worry about the machine itself. )

I know that this service does not exist because I asked to NVIDIA agent earlier.

I know that Amazon, Microsoft and Google offer some VMs compatible with NVIDIA GPUS, but that is not enough to test a big set.