The capture of tx2 is abnormal when video source pluged again after unpluged


The capture of tx2 is normal.But it’s abnormal when video source pluged again after unpluged.
How to solve it?

Thank you very much!

Please share clear steps.

Hello DaneLLL,

Thank you very much for your reply.

In tx2,there is no video after the restart of camera during the video capture.
I restart the application and then get video. But this problem doesn’t happen on the tx1.

I think the kernel source of tx2 might have a bug.I think that the vi tegra channel don’t reset normally.
The function tegra_channel_error_worker() I trace by checking the code only have vi4_power_off() and don’t have vi4_power_on(). I think it’s the reson of my problem.

I will be grateful for any of your suggestions.

hello 2284810331,

suppose you’re working with hot-plug device, something like hdmi-in.
since tx1 and tx2 were using different VI kernel architecture, the behavior should be inconsistent.
please share your detail steps, and also kernel messages during the issue reproduced.

hi JerryChang,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I’m working with hot-plug.
The version of my kernel source is R28.1.
The print information is shown in the figure below.

hi JerryChang,

Do you have the demo of capture application of tx2?

hello 2284810331,

unfortunately, we did not have hot-plug support with TX2’s VI driver.
that crash is expected if you un-plug the video source.

we’re under investigation, still don’t have ETA about this feature.