The nano Developer Suite jetpack3243 and 3261 do not work. The system cannot start normally

After brushing, the system equipment starts normally and the Internet cable is plugged in normally

Unplug the power supply again and then unplug the network cable. It is normal

Power on again and plug in the network cable. The equipment cannot be started. At this time, power off and power on again to return to normal

Each use fails like this, and the power cycle is powered off. However, the other 8 kits do not have such a situation. What is the problem

Please clarify whether this is custom carrier board or devkit.

Are you using sdcard module or emmc module?

What does that mean “system cannot start normally”? Desktop not able to launch or the boot up stuck in somewhere?
If you don’t know what I am talking about, check the boot log with the uart console first.

20211124114446_COM20.txt (2.2 KB)

sdcard module

Are you using custom carrier board or NV devkit?

NV devkit jetson nano 4gb developer kit

Are you flashing the board with sdkmanager? or just sdcard image?

Both of them were used. Before, I always replied to change the version and brush the machine. I was responsible for RMA after-sales of Ruitai new era Beijing Technology Co., Ltd., so I tried these methods before asking questions

If only one module has this issue, then please RMA it.

OK, this is the developer suite. The model needs to be confirmed. If the model is right, I’ll go back

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