The number of network parameters calculated by the two methods is inconsistent

I use evolutionary method to train LSTM network, calculate and assign weights and bias values to the network according to the example method(cuDNN-sample/ at master · Hardware-Alchemy/cuDNN-sample · GitHub). But netparamstotal = weight_ size / size of (float) is inconsistent with the sum of weightscounts and biascounts. Why? How to calculate and assign network parameters correctly?

In addition, change the bias mode (CUDNN_ RNN_ BIAS/CUDNN_ RNN_ DOUBLE_BIAS) Why is netparamstotal unchanged?

Code snippet:

size_t weight_size;

    checkCudnnErrors(cudnnGetRNNWorkspaceSize(cudnnHandle, rnn_desc, seq_length, x_desc, &workspace_size));
    checkCudnnErrors(cudnnGetRNNParamsSize(cudnnHandle, rnn_desc, x_desc[0], &weight_size, CUDNN_DATA_FLOAT));
    checkCudaErrors(cudaMalloc((void **) &weights, weight_size));
    checkCudaErrors(cudaMalloc((void **) &workspace, workspace_size));

    // initialize filter descriptors
//    cudnnFilterDescriptor_t w_desc;
    netParamsTotal=weight_size / sizeof(float);
    int dimW[] = {static_cast<int>(weight_size / sizeof(float)), 1, 1};
    checkCudnnErrors(cudnnSetFilterNdDescriptor(w_desc, CUDNN_DATA_FLOAT, CUDNN_TENSOR_NCHW, 3, dimW));

    // weights
    size_t linearIndex = 0;
    for (int layer = 0; layer < num_layers; layer++) {
        cudnnDataType_t data_type;
        cudnnTensorFormat_t format;
        int nb_dim, filter_dim[3];
        cudnnFilterDescriptor_t linear_filter_desc, linear_bias_desc;
        float *linear_layer_filter, *linear_bias=nullptr;

        for (int linear_layer = 0; linear_layer < num_linear_layers; ++linear_layer) {
            // filter
            checkCudnnErrors(cudnnGetRNNLinLayerMatrixParams(cudnnHandle, rnn_desc, layer, x_desc[0],
                                                             w_desc, weights, linear_layer, linear_filter_desc,
                                                             (void **) &linear_layer_filter));
                    cudnnGetFilterNdDescriptor(linear_filter_desc, 3, &data_type, &format, &nb_dim, filter_dim));
            weightsCounts[linearIndex] = filter_dim[0] * filter_dim[1] * filter_dim[2];
            linearLayerFilters[linearIndex] = linear_layer_filter;

            // bias
                checkCudnnErrors(cudnnGetRNNLinLayerBiasParams(cudnnHandle, rnn_desc, layer,
                                                               x_desc[0], w_desc, weights, linear_layer, linear_bias_desc,
                                                               (void **) &linear_bias));
                checkCudnnErrors(cudnnGetFilterNdDescriptor(linear_bias_desc, 3, &data_type, &format, &nb_dim, filter_dim));
                biasCounts[linearIndex] = filter_dim[0] * filter_dim[1] * filter_dim[2];
                linearBiases[linearIndex] = linear_bias;
                biasCounts[linearIndex] = 0;
                linearBiases[linearIndex] = nullptr;




Hi @cqiao0 ,
Please allow us sometime. We are checking on this.


HI @cqiao0 , could you please provide the cudnn API log (Developer Guide :: NVIDIA Deep Learning cuDNN Documentation). I would expect weight_size returned by cudnnGetRNNParamsSize() to be equal the sum of weightsCounts and biasCounts over all linearIndex.
Also the weight_size should be different for NO_BIAS and DOUBLE_BIAS cases


Using cudnnSetRNNDescriptor_v8, there are no problems. thanks!

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