The output result of is blurred.

Seeing the sample below and running it in the same way,
but my results are blurred compared to the sample output results

I run below


$ ./ --network=fcn-resnet18-cityscapes images/city_0.jpg output.jpg

(I want to attach our output image but don’t know how…)

Why can’t I get the same result?
Please tell me how to do the same?

You might need to upload the image elsewhere and link to it (it would be helpful to see). Can you try fcn-resnet18-cityscapes-1024×512 or fcn-resnet18-cityscapes-2048x1024 network and see if it’s still blurry? Thanks.

Thank you for your very quick response. :-)

I tried [fcn-resnet18-cityscapes-1024 × 512]

and got the same result!!

Thank you very much!