Titan>780Ti : any drawbacks?

I’m looking to upgrade my rig to 780Tis instead of Titans. Can anyone tell me if there are ANY drawbacks from this transition? Specifically : pcie speed (P2P copy speeds), memory speed, compute speed, any other hardware restrictions?

Using Linux Ubuntu

(Disclaimer: I have neither of these cards.)
I think there are only two major drawbacks the GTX 780 Ti compared to the Titan:

  1. Less device memory. 780 Ti has 3 GB, and Titan has 6 GB.

  2. No “full speed double precision mode” on the 780 Ti. With the appropriate driver mode, the Titan will reduce its CUDA clock rate but enable its double precision units to run at maximum throughput. In this mode, double precision instruction throughput is 1/3 of the single precision throughput, like the Tesla K20. The DP throughput on the 780 Ti is locked to 1/24 of SP, like other Kepler-based GeForce cards.

Of course, it depends on your application whether either of these drawbacks actually matter to you.


You need to test your code to see how much affects you performance the absence of double precision units.

Thanks guys,
My code is pure floating point calculations so that would not be affected. Furthermore, there’s a 12GB edition of the 780Ti, and that’s in fact why I plan to get them - currently maxing out 48GB (8*6GB) of gpu ram :)

After reading the news bits on this, I’m still pretty skeptical of a GTX 780 Ti with 12 GB of memory being made anytime soon. I haven’t been able to find an actual product announcement, just regurgitated rumors being handed around the gaming sites. It sounds more like the 780 Ti rumors got mixed together with the Tesla K40 rumors (where 12 GB of device memory would make way more sense).

However, if you do find a Newegg page for such a beast, please post it. :)

Hmm yeah. I think I’m in denial. I’d love to know when an affordable 12GB card comes out (Affordable being <=1k, considering I need to buy 8 of them…)

The Quadro K6000 has 12 GB of RAM and is also maxing out the GK110B with 15 SMX. Unfortunately the K6000 will eat your wallet.

I would be surprised if they make > 6 GB version of the 780TI since it is more aimed towards gaming.

Maybe there is a version with 2 gpu cores cards on one card like the 690 gtx. From the wikipedia page there is mentioned of some cards which have 500 W, so maybe it is one of those.

Where did you see that mentioned? I looked up the GeForce 700 series page on Wikipedia and didn’t see anything like that

Not to mention that it would be a huge pain to design a card that dissipates that much power. Just to supply 500W, you would need three 8-pin PCI-E power connectors (up to 450W) + 75W from the PCI-E slot. I seriously don’t think we’ll see that on a consumer/prosumer card.

I can not find it the source now. I think I mixed up the pc power source with the gpu TDP.