Too slow simulation when I run Isaac ROS navigation example

TLDR: Isaac Sim gets too slow when I run simulation in nav2 tutorial. Are there any ways or tips to increase the FPS of the simulation, could you please introduce them?


I am following the Isaac ROS nav2 tutorial (ROS2 Navigation — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation). There are no issues with general operations like running Isaac Sim and RViz. However, Isaac Sim, which maintains an average of 30 FPS before running the simulation, drops sharply to 5-6 FPS after running it, making practical use of Isaac Sim difficult.

On the other hand, in an example from the Isaac ROS weekly livestream, which is a bit outdated (, you can see that it maintains an average of 20 FPS. Even that level would not pose a significant problem for usage.

In the video, you can confirm that a TITAN RTX is being used, but I am using an RTX 3080, so despite the absolute performance difference not being significant, why is there such a large FPS difference?

If there are any ways or tips to increase the FPS of the simulation, could you please introduce them?

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I can confirm that I have the same issue on both local laptop and aws ec2 instance.
I’ve noticed that FPS drops to ~8 only when using nova carter with ros functionalities.

My specs:
Isaac sim 2023.1.1
ROS2 Humble
AWS EC2: g5.2xlarge (AMD Epyc 7R32 (8 vCPU), 24 GB GPU (NVIDIA A10G), 32 GB RAM

Hi @user2777321,

Could you try with the latest version of Isaac Sim 4.0.0 which contains more performance improvements. You can also try the troubleshooting guide here: Multiple Robot ROS2 Navigation — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

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Hi @Ayush_G !

Just tried it yesterday and it helped. Now FPS is ≈30.

Hi @Ayush_G ,

  1. There was approximately a twofold performance improvement (from 5-6 fps to 10-11 fps) in the Nova Carter ROS example, particularly noticeable when there are many image publishes. Could this be related to the high volume of image publishes? And is the improvement in this aspect part of the 4.0.0 update?

  2. Are there any additional areas that can be improved? For example, the resolution is currently set to 1280x720 by default. Would lowering the resolution help, and if so, how can this be done? If there are any reference sites that explain this, please provide them.

Many of the Isaac ROS examples still rely on version 2023.1.1, so moving to 4.0.0 is not a viable solution. This is why I’m asking.

Hi @user2731 ,

The performance improvements were mainly tied to the action graphs in the Isaac Sim 4.0. The biggest bottlenecks are with render products. You can try disabling the ones you are not using (search for render_product in the stage and manually disable them). For the ones you are using, you can change the resolution in the omnigraph node.
You can remove the action graphs or nodes you are not using, as in the previous release (2023.1.1) even idle ones impacted the performance slightly.

The upcoming release of Isaac ROS will be compatible for Isaac Sim 4.0.

Hi @user2731,

The latest version of Isaac ROS v3.0.1 which was just released, now supports Isaac Sim 4.0.0!