Transfer a trained network from a computer to a JETSON NANO

Hello dear friends
I took a network
(YOLO V5) I trained her on my own database. Is it possible to transfer the network to JETSON NANO’s controller?

Instead of accessing the controller select a network and train it on the controller.
Thanks in advance =]

Yes , the yolo model can be transferred after training process.
After the training process with config file, the model file created based on the config file.Assuming you have correct setup on Nano, you can directly use your model file. Copy the model file , where you have yolo repository directory. Than, you can run “”.
The possibility of not working properly, you should change like batch and subdivision. If it does not run too, you should train your model file as smaller form of it.

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Thank you for your response.
Do you have any guides I can use?
Thanks in advance =]

You can follow this guide.