Trouble running a OP-TEE program example "Hello World" on the Jetson Orin Nano


I’m having trouble being able to run the OP-TEE Hello World example program on my Jetson Orin Nano. I’m currently getting this error shown above. I followed the OP-TEE documentation build step correctly and tried to build it numerous of times. Does anyone know what can cause this issue 0xffff0008 code 0x3. In my understanding, this error is when attempting to open a session with the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). The origin code 0x3 implies the error originates from the TEE Client API itself but don’t know how to fix the issue.

OP-TEE Documation - optee_examples — OP-TEE documentation documentation

hello davidcali1022,

please check developer guide, OP-TEE.
and… please refer to the hello_world sample application in GitHub for a working example.

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