TRT4.0 at 1080TI vs TITAN V

I use 1080TI and TITAN V to test this NVIDIA sample code(, TRT 4.0 coat time has same result.

is anyone can help me to explian it?
Thanks a lot.

Hello, can you clarify what you mean by “TRT 4.0 coat time has same result”?

Hello, i use same Tensorflow official model to tested TRT 4.0 have same cost time in 1080TI and TITAN V, i dont know why.

can you give the specific model you used and performance metrics you are seeing?

thank you,
NVIDIA Enterprise Support

Hello, all model download from


when running benchmark python scripts/, the timing result will be stored at data/test_output_trt.txt. Can you share the file with us? Is this the performance metric you are saying is the same between T080Ti and TitanV?


Yes, that i said issue.

  1. the float result in TitanV:
    data/plans/mobilenet_v1_0p25_128.plan 0.710423
    data/plans/resnet_v1_50.plan 2.52737
    data/plans/mobilenet_v1_1p0_224.plan 1.22464
    data/plans/inception_v2.plan 2.37085
    data/plans/inception_v3.plan 5.46946
    data/plans/resnet_v2_152.plan 8.41234
    data/plans/inception_v1.plan 1.44983
    data/plans/resnet_v1_152.plan 6.97273
    data/plans/inception_v4.plan 11.2623
    data/plans/resnet_v1_101.plan 4.89694
    data/plans/inception_resnet_v2.plan 9.92916
    data/plans/resnet_v2_50.plan 2.97753
    data/plans/vgg_16.plan 2.78958
    data/plans/resnet_v2_101.plan 5.90988
    data/plans/mobilenet_v1_0p5_160.plan 0.774903

  2. the half result in TitanV:
    data/plans/mobilenet_v1_0p25_128.plan 0.689513
    data/plans/resnet_v1_50.plan 2.53846
    data/plans/mobilenet_v1_1p0_224.plan 1.22564
    data/plans/inception_v2.plan 2.35924
    data/plans/inception_v3.plan 5.53435
    data/plans/resnet_v2_152.plan 8.51935
    data/plans/inception_v1.plan 1.42204
    data/plans/resnet_v1_152.plan 6.95254
    data/plans/inception_v4.plan 11.2141
    data/plans/resnet_v1_101.plan 4.94806
    data/plans/inception_resnet_v2.plan 9.8948
    data/plans/resnet_v2_50.plan 2.96348
    data/plans/vgg_16.plan 2.83347
    data/plans/resnet_v2_101.plan 5.84114
    data/plans/mobilenet_v1_0p5_160.plan 0.774131

  3. the float result in 1080TI:
    data/plans/mobilenet_v1_0p25_128.plan 0.559485
    data/plans/resnet_v1_50.plan 3.02457
    data/plans/mobilenet_v1_1p0_224.plan 1.30994
    data/plans/inception_v2.plan 2.16442
    data/plans/inception_v3.plan 5.91856
    data/plans/resnet_v2_152.plan 9.1956
    data/plans/inception_v1.plan 1.19595
    data/plans/resnet_v1_152.plan 6.38435
    data/plans/inception_v4.plan 11.187
    data/plans/resnet_v1_101.plan 4.54257
    data/plans/inception_resnet_v2.plan 11.6828
    data/plans/resnet_v2_50.plan 3.61238
    data/plans/vgg_16.plan 4.06281