Trying to install Ubuntu 22.04 on 2024 LG Gram with RTX3050 - graphics is blank screen with blinking cursor

I’ve upgraded from a 2020 LG Gram laptop to the 2024 LG Gram that has the RTX3050 (17Z90SP).

I can get ubuntu installed and can get to a prompt, but when it boots it tries to startup X and gets stuck. This seems to happen even if I try to startup with GLX turned off, if I’m doing that right.

What’s weird is that the Ubuntu install image (from USB drive) had no problem running X/graphics. How can I get that much working, whether or not I manage to get any acceleration at first?

I’ve installed the 550 drivers as ubuntu-drivers requested.

Attaching a bunch of logs, let me know if I’m missing any. The Xorg log is from trying to startx on tty2 with GLX off. Same exact results.

So maybe not an NVIDIA problem - but trying to figure out where to look next.

dmesg.log (84.4 KB)
lspci.log (16.2 KB)
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (138.8 KB)
Xorg.2.log (9.4 KB)

The kernel and firmware is too old to drive your intel igpu. I’d recommend installing 24.04 beta.

I bought the same machine as you have(2024 gram with RTX3050) and had a same issue.
I solved it with Ubuntu 24.04 installation. 22.04 doesn’t seem to support appropriate kernel for the newest devices.