Turning on Tegra TK1 Camera MCLK for mipi camera bring-up

We are trying to bring up a mipi camera sensor (from OmniVision) with TK1. The first step is to turn on power, GPIO control signals to camera sensor, which is done; next step is to communicate with camera sensor over I2C bus, however in order to camera sensor I2C working, TK1 should provide CAM_MCLK.

Is there simple way from command line to turn on TK1 MCLK? what about the /dev/nvhost-ctrl-vi and /dev/nvhost-vic, I guess they might be able to turn on TK1 Video Input (CSI-2) module as well as CAM_MCLK, hope there is a command to turn it on.

Thanks in advance.

My suggestion is to make a simple sensor driver first.