two GPU cards to compute


Is it possible to compute on two graphic cards ?
I don’t want to have one card for display and another for computing, but two cards (of course, one is used for display) to compute.


Yes. But your code of course has to know how to present the problem to each GPU… it’s not like the pair of GPUs looks like a single “big” GPU.

And it’s OK to use the display card for compute too… as long as you keep your kernels faster than about 1 second. It’s just more convenient for you as a programmer to have a display only card.

Yes. We can compute using 2 GPUs. But the problem is that we have to divide the processing algorithm to the 2 GPUs. if the processing to be done is not much heavy then splitting to the GPUs is complicated in coding and will not get much performance. But if the processing to be done some what heavy and with more threads you can get a 1.7x speed in using 2 GPUs with respect to 1 GPU. (1.7x for the cards of same type).