TX1 Power Consumption Information


Im designing a carrier board for TX1. I need an accurate power consumption data for TX1. Datasheet indicates 6-15W. Is the indicated 15W power consumption for the case where CPU, GPU and RAM clock frequencies are at their maximum possible values (CPU 1.73 GHz, GPU 1024 GFLOPS, RAM 1600 MHz), cpu and gpu at %100 load and the other peripherals like PCIe, SATA, USB etc are also active? Also the ambient temperature is at 25C for 15W case? If the ambient temp is at 80 C, how much should i take the power consumption?

Can we say that TX1 cant draw more than 15W power in the worst use case at 80C?

In our use case, CPU, GPU and RAM frequencies will be at their maximum value.

I cant really find clear answers to these questions in TX1 data sheet, OEM design guide, technical reference Manuel and forum topics.

I really need this issue to be clarified to be able to design power circuitry in my carrier board and use appropriate thermal cooling solution.

Hi meafsin,

The real power consumption of module is decided by workload and thermal solution. 15W is the top value based on the current thermal design of Jetson module. If customer makes a better thermal design, the power consumption could be more as the chip temperature could be held in safe range. You can get the power consumption of your use case by using power monitor, there are related reference doc of how to use power monitor in DLC.

Hello Trumany,

Thank you for the quick answer

Can we say that 15W doesnt reflect the case where CPU and GPU is loaded %100 but it reflects the case where CPU and GPU is loaded such that the module is at the thermal limits?

Dont you have any information about the use case at 15W power draw? Whats the CPU and GPU load and clock frequencies at 15W? Someone should have measured these parameters when 15W information is put in the datasheet.

By current thermal design, do you mean that the module doesnt have any extra heatsink or a fan but only have default heatspreader?

We were planning to design an cooling solution according to the worst use case where the CPU and GPU is loaded %100, but as i understand we should first measure the power conusmtion using Nvidia’s carrier board + TX1 module then design our system.

Yes, 15W reflects the case that module is in the safe temperature range.

No such info is public, also it’s unnecessary as the clock frequency could be different to different application even having same power consumption.

Current thermal design is the default settings of ‘dev kit’ in box in sell.

Yes, you’d better to measure the real power consumption of your use case first and then design your thermal solution accordingly.