TX2 GPU capabilities vs TK1

We’re using TK1 dev kits in our service to transcode video streams – taking streams of different bitrates to a common standard fro our users. Currently, the TK1s can support 6 total streams – 3 each HD and LD. Since the TK1 is now EOL, we’re looking at replacements and wonder if anyone has a feel for the capabilities of the TX2 in this environment. Since the TX2 is almost 3x the cost, I’m wondering if it’s realistic to expect 3x the output? Also, looking forward to 4k video, will we be able to transcode down from 4k to other formats?

Hi craig4lw25, to view the video codec capabilities, please consult the Jetson TX2 Module Data Sheet.
Section 2.6 High-Definition (HD) Audio/Video Subsystem and the table on page 2 contain the info: