Ubuntu 16.04 w/Dual GTX 1060's Unable to Properly install OpenGL

2x Intel Xeon Processor L5630
2x Nvidia GTX 1060’s
24GB RAM and 20G swap

End Goal: Get OpenGL working for remote Xsessions so that my users may use OpenGL for their Interactive Graphics classes

So far here is what I tried:

  1. Ubuntu 16.04 w/graphics drivers ppa nvidia-367. Running glxinfo/glxgears will give me an error: “Error: couldn’t find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig” which leads to believe that I need to install the proper xorg-server for nvidia (seems like it may exist in debian and arch, but not in Ubuntu). Furthermore, more the description of nvidia-367-dev, it seems like this is the missing xorg server, but no dice.
    Running a strace of glxinfo/glxyears shows that it is looking for indirect rendering first (and never able to find the direct rendering methods). Fine, I linked the library it was looking for and then it fails on an OP code, which is perhaps not what I am capable of debugging. I am looking to do direct rendering if possible.

  2. Ubuntu 16.10, same hardware, same failure (however in 16.10 the nvidia-367 is in standard repo)

  3. Ubuntu 16.04, same hardware, this time I attempted to use the OpenGL driver from https://developer.nvidia.com/opengl-driver (64-bit version) and after installing the prerequisite libraries, running glxinfo/glxgears simply yields:
    $ glxinfo
    name of display: localhost:10.0
    Segmentation fault

$ glxgears
Segmentation fault

The strace seems fine in this case as well as it finds the direct rendering library. It seems to crash after the some resource being unavailable for a few cycles.

  1. Ubuntu 16.10, same hardware, using the OpenGL nvidia driver the install always fails so I could not test whether not this driver works on 16.10. It fails while it is compiling kernel modules.

Any help would be appreciated.